lost his marples

Friday’s bad puns…

This week’s collection of bad jokes seems to be strongly focused on bad puns, with the first one among those that popped out in a conversation yesterday.  As always, I hope that you enjoy this collection of bad puns and poor jokes, which are neither original nor that funny really…!




Really good idea to start manufacturing polos without the hole in the middle.  They must be making an absolute mint.


Just got an SMS just saying “nabg”.  That’s bang out of order.


My new smartphone thinks I’m a good photographer.  I took one photo with the camera, and it asked me if I want to open a gallery.


Someone has been stealing t-shirts locally in order of size.  Apparently he’s still at large.


Out shopping and disappointed with the changing room in this shop.  I’ve gone in to it five times now and it’s still the same.


I was going to dump all my socks, but I got cold feet.


Two competitors from the World Tag Championships were taken to hospital.  Although they are fine now, experts said it was touch and go for a while.


Saw a pirate standing in a pile of gold that came part way up his legs.  He learned that his booty was only shin deep.


An accountant friend of mine has borrowed six books now and not given any of them back.  I think he’s a professional bookkeeper.


A friend of mine asked me if I had seen his collection of Agatha Christie novels.  I think he’s lost his Marples.




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