A Confusing Sign?

A confusing sign?

Ten years ago, I went with some friends to stay in Schull in West Cork in the Republic of Ireland for a week.  We have a lovely and relaxed time, alongside one or two adventures.  On the way there, from Cork airport, we passed a sign that really confused me.  So much so, that when we drove back, I had to stop and take a picture of the confusing sign.  It was a road safety sign, and it was highlighting the accident blackspot that meant that, sadly, there had been a number of deaths on the road.  The sign looked like this:

What confused me then – and still does – is why the number has been revised downwards from 186 to 182?  I could understand if the number had been revised upwards to signify that there had been other fatalities, but I cannot think of a circumstance where the number of casualties may have reduced.  Was the initial number wrong?  Was there a mis-diagnosis for some? Is there a deeper meaning that I am missing? Is there something really obvious that makes this sign hit home that I am missing? Whatever the purpose of the sign was, the thing that I took most clearly from it was a confusion as to the point that it was trying to make and the logic behind it. Ten years later, I still have not worked it out, so if you do understand it, please do let me know…

UPDATE: I’m told that this is actually a rolling total, so the 186 was for the previous four years, and the 182 is for the most recent four year period, showing a reduction of four fatalities over the previous four year period. Thank you for all those who informed me of that, but a sobering thought.