Unfunny Friday

You’ve guessed it, unfunny Friday is another collection of the usual unfunny, unoriginal jokes that might make you groan rather than laugh…



The economic situation might be improving. Spoke to a litter clearer earlier who said that business was picking up.

The batteries went in my torch last night. I was delighted.

Never lie to an X-ray technician. They can see right through you.

Apparently there was a crime involving a local cartoonist. The details are still sketchy.

Checked in to a hotel this week and asked for an early morning wake up call.  At 7am, the receptionist called and said “What are you doing with your life?”.

A friend of mine was destined to be an osteopath. He said he could feel it in his bones.

Two lions walking down an aisle in a supermarket.  One says to the other, “it’s quiet in here today, isn’t it?”.

Friend parked in a hospital car park. Attendant came up and said “this is for badge holders only”. He said “but I’ve got a bad shoulder…”

Was working as a delivery driver.  Asked the recipient where he wanted his giant roll of bubble wrap.  He said “pop it in the corner”.  Took me three and a half hours.



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