Friday nonsense

Friday is, as always, the day for bad jokes, puns, and other such things.  If you are missing a regular dose of Friday nonsense, here you go…  As always, don’t expect originality or even that much funniness… but possibly the odd groan.




Apparently the best way to arrange a good space themed party is to planet…


All this space tourism might mean that there could, one day, be an actual party on the moon.  Don’t think I’ll go, though, I suspect it won’t have much atmosphere.


I found a flyer the other day with the phone number for some party organisers.  I thought, “this calls for a celebration”…


What do you do if you see a spaceman?  Park in it, man…


I kept wondering why the cricket ball was getting bigger and bigger.  Then it hit me.


Was cooking some alphabetti spaghetti and almost dropped the saucepan.   That could have spelled disaster.


I left by bike beside a wall the other day, and it fell over.  It was two tyred.


Had to quit a job in a butchers with shelves that were eight foot off the ground.  The steaks were too high.


I went to a wedding that was so emotional that even the cake was in tiers…


An old friend of mine turned out to be a back stabber.  Or, as he calls it, an acupuncturist.




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