vegetable patch

Some more puns for a Friday….

As you know, Friday is bad joke day, so here are some more puns that are not original, or even that funny… I hope that you do enjoy them, and there is a list at the bottom of the page to other, similar bad jokes…




“Sunday, Monday, Happy Days / Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days / Thursday, Friday, Happy Days.” – Dave announces a new programme guide.


Velcro…  what a rip off!


A friend of mine has a vegetable patch. It stops the cravings for carrots all day.


A friend of mine used to live in a duck pond, but he moved out when he got fed up with all the bills.


A friend got a job at a bakery because he kneaded dough.


I was thinking of buying some old editions of Classical Music magazine. I’m looking for the Bach issues.


Asked the chap in the local DVD rental place if I could have Batman Forever. “No, just 24 hours like the rest”, he said.


Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.


I went to Sooty’s barbeque recently.  I had a Sweep steak.


Whoever designed the lions in Trafalgar Square really put the cat among the pigeons.





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