jump through hoops

Friday funnies…

This perhaps could be better defined as “Friday unfunnies” than “Friday funnies”, as it is the usual weekly round up of unoriginal, and not always that funny, series of puns, one-liners and jokes.  Here goes…




My laptop keeps playing “Someone Like You”.  It’s a Dell.


I was going to plug my keyboard into my hi-fi, but was worried that I might be stereotyping.


Dropped a really big crumb on my keyboard.  Nothing to worry about, though, it’s under Ctrl.


I have an unusual way of cooking.  I make up a recipie and pour in some German white wine.  It’s quite an add hock approach.


Getting nervous that I’m being followed around by a large wading bird.  I think I’m being storked.


A friend told me that he stays alert because of his ballet classes.  They keep him on his toes.


A friend of mine has just graduated from ballet school with a 2:2.


Friend of mine had a girlfriend called Arial for a while, but they split up.  She just wasn’t his type.


Friend’s dog just got a place in a canine display team.  It wasn’t easy, he had to jump through hoops to get it.


Saw a radioactive cat. It’s got eighteen half-lives.




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