Sebastian Vettel

A Sebastian Vettel gallery

I put together a collection of Mark Webber pictures yesterday which seemed popular, so I thought that I would follow this up with a collection of pictures of Mark’s team mate, Sebastian Vettel.  I had previously put together a slide show of Seb, but this is a static collection of pictures which can be updated with new events as they come.  None of my pictures of Seb from before 2009 are any good, and some of the older ones here are not great, but hope that you enjoy them anyway.  As a general rule, the more recent the picture, the better they are. I would like to say that this is because of my improving photography skills, but to be honest, it is probably more to do with using better camera equipment.


Since originally putting this gallery together, Seb has won his fourth world championship, a remarkable feat for anyone and particularly for a driver so young, made even more special by them being back to back, from 2010 to 2013.  The various changes in 2014 saw a big impact on Red Bull, with Seb’s long term teammate  Mark Webber retiring from Formula One, and being replaced by Daniel Ricciardo, who made the move from Toro Rosso.  The car was not in a position to be constantly challenging for the win, and Daniel frequently outscored Seb, with three race wins to for Daniel and none for Seb.  The end of the season saw Seb announce a move to Ferrari for 2015, to drive alongside Kimi Raikkonen, with the driver line up remaining the same in 2016 and 2017.


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Sebastian Vettel during Winter Testing 2018



Sebastian Vettel during Winter Testing 2017



Sebastian Vettel at the 2016 British Grand Prix



Sebastian Vettel during Winter Testing 2016



Sebastian Vettel at the 2015 Race of Champions



Sebastian Vettel at the 2015 Belgium Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel at the 2015 British Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel during Winter Testing 2015

Sebastian Vettel at the 2014 German Grand Prix


Sebastian Vettel at the 2014 British Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel at 2014 Winter Testing

Sebastian Vettel at the 2013 British Grand Prix


Sebastian Vettel at the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix


Winter Testing 2013


2012 British Grand Prix


2012 European Grand Prix

Winter Testing 2012

2011 British Grand Prix

2010 British Grand Prix

2009 British Grand Prix