Jean-Eric Verne in qualifying for the 2013 British Grand Prix

A gallery of Jean-Eric Vergne pictures

I have been blogging and tweeting galleries of various Formula One drivers over the last few days, and this has been based on which drivers people had asked to see photos of in the past, with Bruno Senna, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel all blog posts so far. The next three that I would have expected to blog about were Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso, based on the requests that I have had in the past. However, over the last few days, one driver has been, by far the most popular among those pictures viewed on my Flickr feed. That driver accounted for eight of the ten most viewed of my photos yesterday, and five of the top ten today. It is, of course….. Jean-Eric Vergne.

Yes,. Jean-Eric Vergne. No, not what I expected either. So, for whatever reason, Jean-Eric Vergne seems to be the man of the moment, at least as far as my photos on Flickr are concerned.

If you are one of those who is a big fan of Jean-Eric Vergne, and want to see some pictures of him, then I have put together this slideshow of some photos that I have taken of him both in Formula One and before his time there. I hope you like them.

If there is another driver of whom you would like to see some pictures, please do let me know…