Sebastian Vettel

A gallery of Sebastian Vettel pictures

I have recently posted a series of picture slideshows of various Formula One drivers, with Bruno Senna, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton all being the subjects of slideshows so far. Of course, another popular driver of whom pictures are always welcome is the three times and current world champion, Sebastian Vettel. After he beat Jenson Button’s record of being the youngest person ever to score a point in the sport, and then when he became the youngest ever world champion, and then the youngest ever three times world champion, it has been clear that Sebastian Vettel was a man who was going to break records in Formula One.

His positive and friendly approach, coupled with his incredible success, has made him a popular driver, and his little quirks like naming his cars, and his love of British comedy like Little Britain and Monty Python, helps make him a popular personality. He even managed to provide a voice for the film Cars 2.

So, for all the fans of Sebastian Vettel out there – and I know that there are many – here are some of my photos of him. I hope that you like them.

I particularly like the picture of him eating a banana. I have no idea why.