Lewis Hamilton before the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix

A few photos of Lewis Hamilton

I mentioned before that I do get some requests for pictures of various Formula One drivers and teams, which are not always the “top” teams. A popular request is for photos of Bruno Senna, as per previous posts. I recently added a post featuring a slideshow of pictures of Jenson Button, another driver of whom pictures seem to be very popular, and a former world champion. For the last few years, Jenson had been part of an all British line up at McLaren, with another former world champion, Lewis Hamilton, as his partner. Lewis may have moved on to Merecedes in 2013 – the impact of which will soon become apparent as the season starts on 17th March – but here are a series of photos of him and his car, most of which are of him as a McLaren driver. Enjoy!


If you click on any of the pictures, you should be taken through to the same photo on Flickr. There are more Lewis Hamilton – and other Formula One and motor racing – photos in my Flickr collection. I do not have any yet of him racing in his new Mercedes, but I hope to put that right very soon and augment the collection with a few Silver Arrows pictures.


I do have a series of pictures of other drivers and teams too, taken over the last few years, so if there is a driver or team for which you would like to see a slideshow in the same way as this of Lewis Hamilton, then please do let me know and I can put one together. Feel free to leave a comment, or send me a tweet, or let me know through some other method if you prefer.