Fiesta Junior Winter Test 2017

BRSCC Fiesta Junior Winter Testing 2017

It’s February meaning that the new motor racing season is getting closer, and to help prepare for it, there are various track sessions and media launches in the offing. Today saw the BRSCC Fiesta Junior Winter Testing 2017 at Rockingham, as part of a wider Junior Series Test, with Ginetta Juniors, Clio Juniors and other cars on the grid.

It was a wet and windy day at Rockingham, but that didn’t stop the drivers from getting out and putting their cars to the test, with some of the experienced Fiesta Junior drivers – a series that covers 14 to 17 year olds – joined by a cohort of new drivers, like Jamie-Lea Hawley, who was trying the Fiesta Junior championship for the first time.



BRSCC Junior Series Winter Testing 2017



The inclement conditions did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of those testing from the various series, with the track busy through the day, meaning that the Fiestas were testing alongside the various other cars that made up the test day.

There was plenty of camaraderie in the pits between the Fiesta drivers as always, and it was good to see some of the former Fiesta Junior drivers moving on to other championships, like Bradley Burns who has moved on to the Clio Cup Junior series for its inaugural year.


BRSCC Junior Series Winter Testing 2017

Here are a few photos of the Fiestas today.