Harry Gooding in Fiesta Junior, Rockingham, June 2017

BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship Rockingham 2017

This weekend’s racing included the BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship Rockingham 2017 event, with the popular Fiesta championship for 14-17 year olds in action.  It was a scorching hot weekend, which saw Jack Davidson set the fastest time in the first practice session from Scott Cansdale, with Cansdale topping the second practice session from Harry Gooding.  Qualifying saw Davidson again top the times, ahead of James Waite and with Cansdale in third place.


When the first race started, however, Davidson’s great form suffered mechanical issues as his car stopped on the green flag lap, causing some confusion on the grid.  Defending champion Gooding made a good start to take the lead, only to drop out on the fifth lap.  It was Waite who took the win, with Cansdale behind him and James Hillery in third.  However, that confusion at the start had seen Cansdale out of place, which resulted in a  ten second penalty, dropping him to fourth, putting Hillery on the second step of the podium, and promoting Gustav Burton to third.


The grid for the second race in Fiesta Juniors is based on the finishing positions from race one, so it was Waite who was on pole later in the afternoon.  Cansdale was up to third on the first lap, before making it to second on the next lap, and taking the lead on lap five, where he stayed until the end of the race.  Waite held on to take second, and it was Hillery who took third.


As normal, the weekend also saw the Fiesta Championship taking place, which is a natural next step for many of the Fiesta Junior drivers.


The weekend marks half distance in the championship, as the cars and drivers now move on to Snetterton, Silverstone and Croft before their season finale at Donington in October.


Meanwhile, here are some photos from today.