BRSCC Fiesta Championship weekend Rockingham 2017

BRSCC Fiesta Championship Rockingham 2017

The sunny weekend that is sadly now drawing to a close saw the BRSCC Fiesta Championship Rockingham 2017 event – as well as the Fiesta Juniors – and with a huge field these days, the event is split into two, with the Class C cars racing in one series and the Class A, B and D racing separately.


Simon Horrobin topped the Class C practice session, and repeated that in qualifying, with David Nye and Samuel Watkins in second and third.  Horrobin took the fastest lap and the win in the race, that saw Danny Harrison in second and Lee Dendy-Sadler on the third step of the podium.  That put Horrobin on pole for the second race, although he was out after one lap, and it was Harrison who led the rest of the way to the flag, with Josh Gollin and Dendy-Sadler joining him on the grid.  Harrison added the fastest lap to his victory on the second lap of the race.


Over in the other classes, it was John Cooper who was fastest in practice, but Jamie White who took pole from Cooper with Stuart Robbins in third.  White’s race ended after the fourth lap, and it was Cooper who took the win and the fastest lap, ahead of Robbins and Tom Hutchins.  That of course gave Cooper pole for the second race, although it was to be shortened by a red flag after four laps, with Cooper taking the win again and Jack Youhill and Stuart Robbins joining him on the podium.  However, it appears that Robbins was excluded from the result and third place was actually awarded to Tom Hutchins, more information no doubt to follow.


Another exciting weekend of Fiesta racing, and plenty of sunshine for the reasonable crowds who turned out to watch at Rockingham.  The championship moves on, but in the meantime, here are a few photos from today.