A night out in Prague

Vampire Jokes

This week’s collection of one-liners and puns is made up of vampire jokes, which begs the comment, “they really do suck”… And in case you are curious about the photo, it comes from an odd experience in Prague that you can read about here.   As normal, the jokes come with no guarantee of funniness or originality….

On reflection, vampires aren’t that scary.

If vampires have no reflection, how do they do their hair?

A vampire split up with his girlfriend after she had a blood test. She wasn’t his type.

I know an elderly vampire. He’s quite long in the tooth.

I knew a vampire who gave up acting because he couldn’t find a role he could get his teeth in to.

Went to a Halloween fancy dress party dressed as Dracula and ate all the food. I was Vampire the Buffet Slayer.

The reason that Dracula has no friends is because he’s a pain in the neck.

Dracula always read the best selling local newspaper because he heard that it had a good circulation.

The local vampire social club is constantly gritting bigger. They’re always looking for new blood.

Apparently vampires drink blood because coffee keep them awake all day.



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