pelican curry

Curry Jokes

It’s Boxing Day, which means that there are plenty of people out there making turkey curry – and turkey sandwiches and all sorts of other turkey based dishes, no doubt – so what better topic for today’s one-liners than curry jokes.  As normal, don’t expect an original recipe, or too much funniness…



I was out for a curry the other night, and I ordered my naan bread. I don’t know why, she doesn’t even like it.

I was in a restaurant at a racous curry night, some people started throwing rice and a pilau fight ensued.

Having a curry with another friend who can’t eat rice. He’s basmatic.

I ordered a pelican curry the other night. Tasted ok but the bill was enormous.

I always confuse chutney and pickle. It makes me chuckle.

I had an unbelievably hot curry last night. It was a Korma, but I microwaved it fortwenty minutes.

Was arguing with a friend over a curry when the waiter ran over and grabbed the pickles and chutneys. I wish he’d stop taking sides.

What’s Abba’s favourite meal? Chicken Tikka.

Interested to hear that the Smurfs have set up a curry delivery service. That’s a Balti from the Blue.

Dreamt I was eating a curry last night. When I woke up, my pilau was missing.

Went for a curry the other week, had a chicken tarka. It’s like a chicken tikka but a little otter.

I had a mean curry the other night. It tasted average.



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