Ayrton Senna's winning car from the 1983 Macau Grand Prix

The Macau Grand Prix Museum

I mentioned recently that one of the things the Macau is famous for is Formula Three, and on my recent trip there, I went to visit the Macau Grand Prix museum. The Macau Grand Prix, as you might be aware, is a street race with various categories of motorbike and car racing, and is held each November. The Macau Formula Three Grand Prix is a famous part of the event, and features drivers from around the world. Many of the stars of this race have gone on to a career in Formula One, and plenty of F1 world champions have made an appearance at the Macau Grand Prix.

The museum contains cars from various races at Macau, including the winning cars of Ayrton Senna from 1983, and Michael Schumacher from 1990. The Senna and Schumacher cars come complete with display areas, with the Senna exhibit including the Brazilian flag and Senna’s race suit, and the Schumacher area including information about the seven times F1 world champion’s career.

Other well known names with cars on display include David Coulthard – the 1991 winner – and Pedro Lamy.

The Macau Grand Prix event includes touring cars – it has recently formed the last two races of the WTCC series – and motorbike racing, and there were also touring car and bike exhibits on display.

Another of the displays featured one of David Purley’s car, famous for his heroic efforts during the tragic event that claimed the life of Roger Williamson.

There was also a Ford Model-T on display.

I mentioned before that our trip to the museum was delayed due to the difficulty in getting around Macau by taxi, and that it is not far to walk from the bus depot at the ferry port – all of the major hotels run regular, free shuttle buses there – and another reason to stop there is to have a look at part of the infrastructure that has a very different use for a short time in November each year.

If you are a motor racing fan, and find yourself in Macau, then a trip to the museum is a must. 2014 sees 60 years since the first event in 1954, so I expect there will be plenty to celebrate this milestone later this year.