A Supermarine Spitfire over Silverstone

Friday’s Air Show at the 2014 British Grand Prix

Aerial shows have become something of a tradition at the British Grand Prix, culminating in the Red Arrows making their normal appearance just before the race on the Sunday each year.  Previous years have seen fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, parachutists, and all sorts of various shows in the skies.  Friday’s air show at the 2014 British Grand Prix consisted of a Hawker Hurricane and a Supermarine Spitfire flying for the delight of the crowds over the circuit.  The two aircraft, which are famous for, among other things, their role in the Battle of Britain, took turns flying low over the circuit so that the gathered spectators could get a good look at the planes.


The Spitfire is probably the more famous of the two aircraft, but it was the Hurricane that played probably the most vital role during World War Two, accounting for around 60% of the RAF’s air victories, and serving across the world during the conflict.  Given the age of these aircraft, it was impressive to see them flying, and particularly impressive to see them flying relatively low and for a large crowd.


I managed to take some snaps of both the Spitfire and the Hurricane in action over the Northamptonshire circuit, so here are a few photos of them gracing the skies over Silverstone.