Giedo van der Garde's tyre problem at the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix

The 2013 Spanish Grand Prix: The Race

I have posted galleries of the various stages of the build up to the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona, now it’s time for some pictures of the race itself.  The race has had some positive and some less than positive reaction in the media, however, I can assure you that it was, as always, exciting and fun to watch live.  Sunday was the warmest and driest day of the weekend which added to the party atmosphere, and the Fernando Alonso win made for a very happy crowd.  Given the large number of travelling supporters of Kimi Raikkonen, many in Lotus clothing and quite a few wearing Finnish flags, or at least clothing emblazoned with the Finnish flag, this all added to the general ambiance.


We stayed around the circuit for some time after the race, and by the time we got to the town of Montmelo, near the track, the party was in full swing with most of the cafes and bars occupied and seats on the pavements the prized possession of the afternoon.  The slight intake of breath when word got out that Fernando Alonso had been summoned to see the stewards for picking up a flag after winning was quickly forgotten when it was confirmed that there would be no further action.


Here are some of my pictures from the race.  I hope that you like them.



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