Lewis Hamilton before the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix

The 2013 Spanish Grand Prix: Index of pictures

I have posted a series of galleries of pictures taken at the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix, and to avoid confusion and to aid navigation, I thought that it might help to put together an index of the various galleries of the photos.


Pictures of the drivers

Pictures of the pit garages

Free Practice 1

Free Practice 2

Free Practice 3


The Drivers’ Parade

The Race 

Support races: GP2 

Support races: GP3 

Support races: Porsche SuperCup 


The pictures from the various support races are in a single post, with practice, qualifying and race pictures all in one entry each for GP2, GP3 and the Porsche SuperCup.  The GP2 and GP3 races and events are great opportunities to spot future talent, given the large number of drivers that have made their way through these series to get to Formula One.


These three series form most of the support races for much of the European – and Abu Dhabi – Grand Prix series these days, and it does seem increasingly that GP2 is the  natural place to look for the next Formula One drivers.  Some of the current GP2 drivers are test drivers for existing F1 teams, and others are looking for their next opportunity.


I enjoyed the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix immensely, and as always, the weekend was full of fun and adventure both at the circuit and away from it.  I hope that you enjoy some of the photos as much as I enjoyed the race!