Nico Rosberg at the 2013 British Grand Prix

Photos from the 2013 British Grand Prix

I have posted various photos from the 2013 British Grand Prix in various galleries based on the events, and thought that an index of them might help with finding particular photos.  There is also an index of galleries of each of the current drivers, and some previous Formula One drivers, which will be updated with photos from the 2013 British Grand Prix over the next few weeks.  The index of galleries of drivers is here.


Here are a series of pictures of the Formula One events over the weekend, and also of some of the support races and events that take place over the same weekend.


Formula One

Free Practice One

Free Practice Two

Free Practice Three


The Drivers’ Parade 

The Race

Issues with tyres




First Race 

Second Race 




Porsche SuperCup

The Red Arrows

If you like these photos from the 2013 British Grand Prix then there is a similar gallery from the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix here, although with more pictures of the drivers out of their cars than this one.


It was as, always, a fantastically fun weekend, and this year, had the added bonus that for most of the time, other than the Friday, there was glorious sunshine around the track.  This made it very different from the mud bath which occurred in 2012, and for which Silverstone made the headlines that year.  That said, although the sun was shining and many people were dressed for summer, it was still rather windy, and therefore rather cold up in the stands at Becketts, which are both high and exposed, meaning that we were sitting with rain coats on looking at those a few feet away on the ground in the t-shirts and shorts.  Still, it meant that the track was warm, the racing was dry, the conditions were good and the fans were in an excellent mood.