A Lego Keyboard

How wonderful: A working Lego keyboard

Lego seems to be en vogue at the moment, and I am pleased to see one of my favourite childhood toys enjoying a resurgence in popularity.  I was also pleased to see an interesting use of Lego, to build a fully functioning keyboard.  Of course, there are some parts of a standard keyboard that are required, so when I call it a “Lego Keyboard”, it is more of a “Mainly Lego Keyboard”, built around the original components of a much less interesting looking device.


Of course, if I had a Lego keyboard to use all of the time, then the temptation to play with it, to take it apart, and to build things with it might be too much.  I would find it hard to type with because I would be too busy enjoying it.  However, I still like the idea of it.  Here it is in action.



I’m sure that there are plenty of other very useful and practical applications of Lego, so perhaps this can be an opportunity for others to think about what genius ideas they have that can be constructed using the little plastic bricks.  If only I could find that big box of Lego that must be around here somewhere…