The Anti-texting bear

The Anti-Texting Bear…

At SXSW, or South by South West, the series of festivals in Austin Texas each March, there are all sorts of opportunities to see wonderful new things, be they music, film, or gadgets.  However, a growing problem in the modern world is that people manage not to see these as they walk right by whilst texting.  However, to prevent that from happening, the anti-texting bear has been deployed to ensure that people focus on what is important.


The anti-texting bear is, rather than a scary large creature, a chap in a bear suit who surprises people who are on their phones instead of looking where they are going, taking in the festivals, or interacting with the other people there.  Perhaps the anti-texting bear could be deployed in other places.  I can imagine one on the tube, for example, or at Glastonbury….


Here’s the anti-texting bear hard at work in Austin, Texas:



Perhaps there could be variations rather than bears used too in other places.  I think the anti-texting swan could be particularly effective.