An elephant gatecrashes a pool party

Pool Party crashed by an Elephant

Imagine living somewhere sunny like Botswana in Southern Africa, where the warm weather means that the way to cool down means jumping into your pool, rather than having to spend time in flooded fields in Britain. Whilst that sounds idyllic, there are risks there that you might not expect to happen in the UK, including a rather different approach to wildlife. If I had a pool in my garden – which I do not – then the sort of animals who would be most likely to gatecrash it would be my dog Berta, some of the local birds using it as a large bird bath, or perhaps a fox or a badger who wanted to learn the backstroke.

In Botswana, however, the wildlife sometimes comes in a rather grander scale, and that includes the creatures that might make an unexpected appearance in your garden. That’s what happened to Kerry Dunne, who had her pool party crashed by an elephant in her garden in Botswana. Rather than rampaging through the garden as you might imagine, the elephant did the pachyderm equivalent of strolling up to the pool, and used its trunk to lift some of the water from the pool into its mouth.

Here is the video of the elephant arriving at the pool.