The Porsche Supercup at the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix

The 2013 Spanish Grand Prix: The Porsche Supercup

The Porsche Supercup, or the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup to give it the full title, is in its 21st season, and is a regular support race for the European Grands Prix of the Formula One season.  The 2013 Spanish Grand Prix saw the kick off of the Porsche Supercup, although without Rene Rast, who has won the previous three seasons.  There were, as well as the names one might expect in Porsche Supercup racing, some other familiar faces in the event.  Alain Menu, the Swiss driver famous for his performances in Touring Cars was driving, as was World Rally Champion Sebastian Loeb, both of whom were trying a new type of racing.


We watched the cars qualify on Saturday, ready to race on Sunday.  It is always good to see the Porsche Supercup, and with the increasing standardisation of the events that form the support for Grands Prix, this is the one remaining event with racing versions of road cars taking to the track.


The race on Sunday was the last event before the Grand Prix itself, so the crowds were getting larger and more excited as they waited for the main event to start.  The Porsche Supercup gave them plenty to be excited about, with plenty of overtaking and action on the track, with an eventual win for British driver Sean Edwards.


We clapped and cheered as the drivers came around on their lap of honour with their doors open waving to the crowds as normal.  Watching the Porsche Supercup race, whilst it is exciting itself, also means that the Grand Prix is about to start, so I cannot help but get excited when I see them race.


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