BSB at Silverstone 2016

Support Races at the 2016 BSB Silverstone weekend

The British Superbike season has started its latest season, and got under way at Silverstone.  Of course, as well as the main event, there are other series over the same weekend, so here are some details of the support races at the 2016 BSB Silverstone weekend.


The weekend had 14 races planned, including two British Superbikes rounds, with the other twelve being various events across the support events which include the British Motostar Moto 3, Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup, Ducati TriOptions Cup, the Dickies British Supersport Championship, and of course, the National Superstock 600, so plenty of action to keep everyone entertained.


I spent a bit of time opposite the practice start board, and there was plenty going on as the riders took the opportunity to practice on the circuit.

BSB Weekend at Silverstone, April 2016


One of the outstanding achievements of the weekend was the win by Storm Stacey – a name made for podiums – in the Moto3 race.  What makes it outstanding is Storm’s age.  At 12 years and 349 days, he is the youngest ever winner of a motorbike race at Silverstone.  To put that in context, not only is Storm too young to ride on the roads, vote, or to buy alcohol – the usual measurements of youngness in this sort of event – he’s even too young to have a Facebook account.  Amazing.


Storm Stacey celebrates a win at BSB Weekend at Silverstone, April 2016



It was great to see Silverstone looking quite busy today for the Superbikes, and to be in the middle of the event which does a great job of giving close access to fans. BSB’s own Big Ed and his entourage were on hand for the fans…

BSB Weekend at Silverstone, April 2016


Here are a few photos from the weekend.