Ginetta Media Launch 2015

Ginetta Media Day 2015

I happened to be at Silverstone today for a meeting and found out that it happened to coincide with the Ginetta Media 2015 which saw the launch of the cars for the various Ginetta series this year, so naturally I popped along.  As I drove from the Wing over to the National Pits, I could hear the Ginettas on the circuit, and sure enough, there was plenty going on.  The Ginetta series have gone from strength to strength, with the Ginetta GT4 Supercup augmented with the GT5 Challenge, the Junior Championship and the Ginetta Racing Drivers Club.  I do enjoy the Ginetta Juniors, watching talented young drivers make their way through the sport, as the likes of Dino Zamparelli, Seb Morris and Alice Powell made their way through the series.  Many of the BRDC F4 drivers spent a season or two in the Ginetta Juniors, and is becoming an established part of the path of young racing drivers.  There were even a couple of BRDC F4 cars to be seen in the pits today.


A couple of BRDC F4 cars sneak in to the Ginetta Media Day.

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The various series took turns showing what they could do on track, and the pit lane and paddock were full of action through the day.

Fantastic Ginetta media day at Silverstone today.

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It was a great advert for the Ginetta brand, and at times, I did feel like I was in a showroom, and perhaps I should go and buy myself a Ginetta. You will be pleased to hear that I managed to avoid the temptation.

Hmmm… Now which one to choose…

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It was great to see the variation in the types of Ginetta cars, and having them all together meant that you could really compare some of the different Ginettas. I’m sure that the 2015 season will be another successful year for the various Ginetta series, and that in the not too distant future, the names of those driving today and in 2015 will be widely known for their exploits in all sorts of other motor racing series, through GT, BTCC, GP3, GP2 and Formula One. If you get a chance, do pop along to see some Ginetta racing. In the meantime, here are some photos from today.