The Drivers' Parade at the 2013 British Grand Prix

The 2013 British Grand Prix Drivers Parade

The 2013 British Grand Prix Drivers Parade was of the traditional style with the twenty two Formula One drivers parading around the circuit on the back of a truck, with a media team interviewing them as they went around.  There have been a few changes at some races recently, with both Austin in 2012 and the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix Drivers Parade featuring the drivers circulating individually in the back of open top cars. This move has not yet made it to Silverstone, and although it did seem popular and allowed the crowd to see each driver, it did not lend itself to media interviews in the same way, or allow the drivers to chat to each other in a way that normally provokes some debate about who is talking to whom and what they may be discussing…


The truck moves it way slowly around the circuit, giving the spectators time to spot their favourite drivers, and helping those watching realise just how long the circuit is that takes the Formula One cars not much more than ninety seconds to complete.  Cameras were being clicked all around me, and even the marshalls on the track were pausing to take photos of the drivers passing by.


Among the various groups of drivers chatting as the truck passed me were the three British drivers, Max Chilton, Paul Di Resta and Jenson Button.  The fourth British driver, Lewis Hamilton, was standing not far away, but by himself.  Kimi Raikkonen was sitting on the barrier at the edge of the truck.  It’s not often that you get the opportunity to see Kimi sitting on the fence.


Here are some of my photos of the drivers’ parade, I hope that you like them.



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