Nico Rosberg in Formula One Winter Testing 2014

The Sound of 2014 Formula One Cars

One of the hot topics in F1 for 2014 has been how the new car sounds compared to the old.  I took a short video in Jerez, and it reminded me of a similar video I took in Barcelona at Winter Testing 2012.   In both cases I was quite near the track, and two cars were going by.  In 2012, I was near the start line, and this year, I was further around the course at a corner, so the cars were not going quite so fast, although I was slightly closer.


This is the video from 2014:


Now compare this to the sound from 2012:


I used the same device with the same settings to record both videos.  The 2014 cars definitely are quieter than their recent predecessors.

It’s obviously not a like for like comparison – or anywhere near – but should show the difference in the type of sound of the engines.

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