The Red Arrows at the 2014 British Grand Prix

The Red Arrows at the 2014 British Grand Prix

One of the highlights of the British Grand Prix each year is the appearance of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, commonly known as the Red Arrows.  I commented on their appearance at the 2013 Grand Prix, and eagerly awaited their arrival this year.   The nine pilots in their BAE Hawk aircraft perform for the crowd and show off their aerobatic skills, complete with a sprinkling of patriotically red, white and blue smoke.  They fly low over the circuit, and one of their team acts as commentator for the crowd.


As normal, the team split into Enid (made up of Red 1 to Red 5) and Gypo (Red 6 to Red 9) mid way through their show and perform other tricks and stunts in that configuration.


The close flying is always impressive, and for me, their performance is a key part of the weekend.  The Red Arrows at the 2014 British Grand Prix were as much a highlight as ever, and it seemed not just for me, but for plenty of other people at the circuit too.  I was standing beside a chap from one of the Porsche teams who was unfamiliar with the Red Arrows, and he seemed suitably wowed by their appearance.


Of course, this was not the only air display of the weekend – we had been treated to a Hurricane and a Spitfire on Friday – but this was quite spectacular, and at the height of excitement from the crowd, coming just before the start of the race.


As normal, I took a few photos of their performance, although it has to be said, the photos do not do justice to the incredible show put on by the team.  It is also one of those parts of the weekend when watching takes precedence over taking photos.


I hope you like these pictures.