Jenson Button in Free Practice 2 for the 2013 British Grand Prix

Martin’s Grand Prix Review: Canada 2013

A chap I know called Martin provides a review of each Grand Prix that succinctly describes the activity that has gone on over the weekend.  I posted his Monaco review a few weeks ago, which seemed relatively popular.   Here is Martin’s Canada review…


Vettel secures Red Bull’s first Canadian win

Van Der Garde to get special training in how to use mirrors

Superb Bottas qualifying isn’t matched by race performance


The Canadian circuit on its own man-made island in Montreal boasts about its Wall of Champions, but this year it managed to remain undamaged as we had a cracking Safety Car-free race a world away from Monaco’s dreary procession.


The changing conditions over qualifying threw up some unlikely grid positions. We lost Massa, Button and Perez in Q2, but gained Vergne and Bottas into the top ten shoot out. Bottas put his car into 3rd place, but should have quit there, as he spent much of his Sunday watching cars pass him and disappear into the distance. As it was, Vettel broke the string of Mercedes’ poles, and from the start he easily pulled away, and had opened up a 3 second gap over second place Hamilton by the time DRS was enabled. This circuit has two DRS zones, and it felt as if we’d had more passing here in the first 5 laps than we had at the whole of Monaco. Everyone was hungry to overtake, and we were treated to an elegant early pirouette from Sutil as he pushed to get past Bottas. Massa was sweeping past those he came up against, rising from 16th to 10th by lap 10 until he found his natural placing in the order. Alonso was more patient, pinching a place here and there by consistently solid lapping. A day to forget for Guido VanDerGarde: he picked up a stop-go penalty for not getting out of Webber’s way, and then did the same to Hulkenburg which led to them both retiring their damaged cars, and Guido being given a five-place penalty for his next race. As the race wore on, the teams’ tyre strategies became clearer: Di Resta was going for a one-stop, and managed to take his option tyres all the way to lap 57 out of 70, which helped move him up 10 slots to a 7th place finish. Vettel swept to an easy win, with his only disappointment being not taking the Fastest Lap accolade, which went to Webber. Alonso’s strategy paid off when he caught and passed Hamilton near the end to take 2nd off him, and Vergne took a superb (though anonymous) 6th in his Toro Rosso. Not a good day for Lotus: Grosjean started last and could only reach 13th, while Raikkonen got bogged down at the back of the points places, but his 9th place finish does tie the record with Michael Schumacher of consecutive points-scoring races. Memory of the day? Eddie Jordan and Bernie Ecclestone in a bumbling interview that made the two of them look like Stadtler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show.


Expect rain in three weeks’ time, as we head back across the Atlantic to Britain on June 30th, by which time we should have had the decision from the Tribunal about the Mercedes / Pirelli tyre testing issue.