Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning the 2014 British Grand Prix

The 2014 British Grand Prix: The Race

I’ve posted a few photos from the various sessions that made up the 2014 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, and here are some of the big event itself, the actual race on the Sunday afternoon.
It is fair to say that it was a rather unusual race, with a red flag during the first lap when Kimi Raikkonen went off the circuit and narrowly missed a serious accident with Felipe Massa.  An hour delay ensued as the barrier, which had been damaged in the incident, was rebuilt.  The incident was just at the edge of our line of sight, and from where we were sitting, the accident looked like it had swept up more cars into it, so we were pleased that most of the other cars survived the incident.  We also watched as the barrier was rebuilt, and as the circuit was checked in detail by marshals. Kimi’s Ferrari was recovered, and eventually, the race got under way again behind the safety car.


Nico Rosberg continued to lead the race, although Lewis Hamilton made up for his blip in qualifying on Saturday by moving his way through the traffic.  Suddenly, Nico’s car seemed to slow down, and he parked up just in front of me.  I watched his car come to a stop, and he got out, and left with the track officials.


The race continued, and there were some notable performances.  Valtteri Bottas carved his way through the traffic to a superb second place.  However, Lewis managed to hold on to his lead, and brought the Mercedes home to victory.  There was plenty of home support, and the grandstands erupted with cheers as he won the race.  I remember being at Silverstone in 2008 when Lewis won, and there was an equal cheer.  This time, though, I saw Lewis on his celebration lap, where as in 2008, I saw him take the chequered flag.


It was a great race, and very enjoyable.  I’m already looking forward to my next Grand Prix.
Here are a few of my photos from the race, I hope you like them.