The Fiesta Junior drivers

Fiesta Junior Championship at Silverstone, August 2015

Thanks to Twitter, I was reminded this weekend that there was the opportunity to see the Fiesta Junior Championship at Silverstone as part of the BRSCC racing weekend there. The Fiesta Junior championship is in its fourth season, with drivers aged between 14 and 17 racing Ford Fiestas. Many of their alumni have gone on to forge careers in motorsport, like BTCC’s Aiden Moffat, or Formula Ford’s Bobby Thompson. I took some photos and wrote about the series
last time it was at Silverstone, and have been following the progress since, so went along to see how it was going.

A big thank you to Alison, mother of Carlito Miracco, who drives in the series, who met us and took us on a tour of the garage and to meet some of the drivers. It was great to see that they were a friendly group with plenty of camaraderie, a commodity often in short supply. The drivers were sitting in the pit garage, waiting for their turn for the next practice session.

Some of the BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship drivers in the pits ahead of the weekend's racing at SilverstoneFrom the pit wall, we could see back into the garages, and see all of the cars getting ready for their turn on the track. The BRSCC Fiesta Junior cars in the pits ready for action

The pit lane was busy, with cars coming back from the end of the previous sessions, as the BRSCC weekends have plenty of action and a busy track.

BRSCC Weekend at Silverstone, August 2015

As the cars were being prepared, Alison and Carlito were very kind and allowed Xander to have a sit in the car. It’s fair to say he enjoyed it, in fact, he has been talking about it ever since…

Big thanks to @carlitosmum for getting Xander into a racing car…

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Thankfully, his feet did not reach the pedals, and we headed off to watch the action and left the teams to get on with their preparation.

The Fiesta Juniors at Silverstone

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On track, of course, there was plenty of action as the drivers fought for position. Although we were only there for one day of the weekend, I followed the action on the BRSCC’s live timing web site – which is fantastic – and was delighted to watch Carlito not just claiming pole position, not just a race win, but victory in both races. Well done, and just a couple of days after a birthday, what a great way to celebrate!

Here are a few photos of some of the drivers on track:

Carlito Miracco

Nathan Edwards

Aaron Thompson

Ronan Quinn

Michael Higgs

Lewis Kent

Alex Tait

Cameron Pugh

Sikander Hussain

Elliot Wilson

Ben Swift

Bradley Burns