Typhoon Eurofighter

British Grand Prix 2016 Typhoon Air Display

Silverstone was an airbase before becoming a motor racing circuit, and was home to Wellington bombers during World War 2, hence the naming of the Wellington straight. The circuit retains this link with a series of aerial shows, and the British Grand Prix 2016 Typhoon air display was a great opportunity to see the fighter aircraft perform in the skies over the Northamptonshire circuit. The Typhoon’s arrival was hard to miss with the sound of the jet engines being significantly louder than anything that we had heard on track over the weekend.

Although the skies were grey and did not provide a nice blue background for the RAF’s performance, the low cloud did make for some good images as the Typhoon appeared and disappeared in the sky, cloaked behind the wall of grey and the bright orange glow of the engines standing out in the pale sky. It was, as always, a fantastic show and kept the crowd entertained as they waited for the next event on the track.

I have also posted some photos from the other air displays of the weekend, the RAF Falcons on Friday and the Red Arrows on Sunday, as well as the Formula One, GP2, and GP3 races. Meanwhile, here are a few photos of the Eurofighter Typhoon entertaining the crowd in impressive style.