Oliver Rowland

British Grand Prix 2016 GP2 Events

As Silverstone played host to the Formula One circus at the weekend, the usual British Grand Prix 2016 GP2 events provided some of the support races. GP2 has a well founded reputation as being exciting racing and eventful weekends as well as showcasing much of the rising talent in motorsport. There was excitement over the weekend as there was the opportunity for a British win, just as there was in the Grand Prix, with a number of drivers doing well in the series.

The feature race was not to provide the British win, with Norman Nato on pole and Pierre Gasly winning the race from Antonio Giovinazzi in second and Britain’s Oliver Rowland in third. However, the sprint race on Sunday was to provide more joy for some of the British drivers, with Jordan King following up his win in the same race at the previous event in Austria with another win, and a second place for Luca Ghiotto. Oliver Rowland again took third place, which is enough to put him in the lead of the series by a single point.

I have posted some photos of the other events of the weekend, including Formula One, GP3, the RAF Falcons, the Typhoon air display, and the Red Arrows. Meanwhile, here are my photos from the GP2 events.