Sennan Fielding in BRDC F4 at Silverstone

BRDC F4 at Silverstone

One of the great things about motor racing is that there are so many fantastic series for most of us still to discover. I went along to Silverstone last weekend to experience the BRDC F4 championship for the first time, complete with its series of support races. Like many of the series outside the top tiers of motorsport, spectators have fantastic access to almost all of the circuit and can get close to the action, all for a very reasonable price.

There were three races in the BRDC F4 championship over the weekend, the first of which was won by Sennan Fielding, racing for HHC Motorsport, who had started from pole position. For those who lament the days of close racing, you will be pleased to hear that there was plenty of it in this event, with Sennan holding off a late charge by Struan Moore and winning by 0.191s.

The second race, held on Sunday morning, saw a wet track, with Rahul Mayer on pole and yesterday’s winner, Fielding, in eighth. Twenty minutes into the race, and Fielding was up to third place, before passing George Russell to go second, and then Hyman to take the lead. Meanwhile, Will Palmer, who started back in twentieth, had made it up to sixth. Gaetano di Mauro had started eleventh, and was soon up to second, behind Fielding. Sennan’s lead was being quickly cut by the quick Brazilian in the Petrobal car, whilst on lap six, Palmer made it to third. The last lap was fantastic, with di Mauro catching and passing Fielding, only for Fielding to re-take the lead at Brooklands and to win the race by a mere 0.151s. Palmer held on to finish third, after starting back in twentieth. It was a fantastic race, one of the most exciting I have seen for a while, with plenty of good, close racing, daring passes, and no predictability in what would happen next. Fielding worked hard for his win, and the spectators seemed to enjoy the show.

The third race was on Sunday afternoon, and we watched the drivers head to the grid.

The man of the moment, Sennan Fielding, passed us on his way, and everyone was asking, could he make it three out of three? No-one had managed that during a BRDC F4 weekend before, so it really would be an impressive result, even from pole position.

As it turned out, Fielding managed to lead the third race from pole, and despite charges from other drivers, he held off the advances of Raoul Hyman and Struan Moore, with the trio finishing in first, second and third, with Fielding having his most comfortable win of the weekend, with 0.4s separating him from Hyman in second and making him the first driver to win three BRDC F4 races in a weekend, and much deserved after impressive and skilful driving.

Last time I saw him race, he was also standing on the top step of the podium, back when he was in the Ginetta series.

There was also plenty of action in the support races through the weekend, which included the Monoposto series, the Radical Clubman Cup, the Radical European Masters, GT racing, and a Mini series.

Of course, there was plenty of access to areas of the circuit that are restricted at some of the bigger events, meaning that fans could get close to the sport and to the drivers.

All in all, it was a great weekend, with plenty to see and do. The racing was superb, and, no doubt, some of those we were watching this weekend will be the stars of the future. I’m keen to make a return visit to see some more of this series.  Keep an eye out for the drivers, and of course, in particular, Sennan Fielding, who was the star of the show. He was so quick that I even saw him pass other cars in the paddock. Now that is impressive.

It wasn’t just me who enjoyed the trip. My son, Xander, seemed to have a good time too…