Marc Mercer in the Aerial Atom Cup at Snetterton

2014 Atom Cup, Snetterton

The Atom Cup is a racing series for the Aerial Atom, a car that began life as a student project at Coventry University before being shown at the British International Motorshow in Birmingham in 1996. The 2014 Atom Cup included a support race for the final round of the BRDC F4 championship at Snetterton in October 2014. This is the second year of the Atom Cup, and the unusual exoskeleton-based design of the cars differentiates the cars from the other series racing over the course of the weekend.

The 2014 Atom Cup has seen plenty of action, with five race winners over the seven previous meetings of the year, before this, the final round. We watched the second round of the weekend, which was the second event on Sunday morning, with car number 77 of Andrew Smith starting on pole with his distinctively day glow car. Smith had a good start, and led through the race, taking the chequered flag. Martin James started in second place, with Nick Whitehead in third. Lap three saw them swap places, with Whitehead and James remain in those places and join Smith on the podium at the end of the race.

The final Atom race of the day, and of the series, saw Steven Endress start on pole, although the end of the first lap saw Martin James lead from Nick Whitehead. James and Whitehead swapped places on lap three, just like the previous race, but this time they swapped back on lap eight, giving a podium of Martin James, Nick Whitehead and Andrew Smith.

Here are a few photos from the weekend.