Visualisation of Air Traffic over Europe

A Visualisation of Air Traffic over Europe

Have you ever wondered how many planes are flying over your head at any given time?  There are probably more than you think, and the development of social media and a series of apps that help track them have been enlightening for the aviation geeks among us.  If you are in Europe, or in the UK in particular, then this visualisation of air traffic over Europe might help show how many aircraft there are up there.  This has been put together by NATS, or National Air Traffic Services, the UK’s air navigation supplier.



It is quite incredible to think about just how many aircraft there are in the skies, and how much they are part of normal life these days.  I find it quite incredible that I was nineteen before I ever got on a plane, and now fly very frequently, as air travel has moved from being an occasional luxury to a normal method of transport that many of use regularly either to work, or for pleasure.