The Longest Way

The Longest Way, and an impressive beard

I would imagine that two things that people reading this might be aware about me are that I enjoy travelling, and I have a beard.  Therefore, I am always happy to meet hirsute people with a penchant for travel, and that is exactly what Christophe Rehag is.  His “The Longest Way” video is a selection of pictures of him during his walk – yes, walk – across China, from Beijing to Urumqi.


The Longest Way is a description of Christoph’s adventures as he travelled across the country, an impressive 4500km, and his encounters along the way.  As well as the video, Christoph has a website, which also has links to his videos of when he re-visited his trip, and details of his book about his travels.  It is well worth a look, and even includes FAQs and advice, should you be thinking about walking across one of the world’s largest countries yourself.  I must admit, it is not something that I am currently planning to do.  The closest that I think I have got was walking along the Great Wall of China, or strolling around Beijing.  That was not quite the same as Christoph’s trip.


I love interesting and pithy thoughts on travel, and this is great.  I hope that you like it too.