Benidorm from Sierra Helada

A trip to Benidorm. Sort of.

I mentioned recently that I was in Spain, and although I have spent plenty of time in Eastern Spain near Denia, I had never been to the most famous nearby resort, so I decided this time to take a trip to Benidorm to see what the fuss was about.  For many, Benidorm conjures up images of package holidays and skyscraper hotels near the beach, or the television programme of the same name based at the resort, and it is fair to say that there was plenty to see that meet that stereotype.  We saw a double mobility scooter – think of a tandem that the television programme’s Madge might use – and a group on a hen night who looked like they were already partying mid way through the afternoon.  However, there is more to Benidorm than just drunken tourists.  There are of course, the beaches, and you can see why the beautiful sandy cove has become the huge resort that it is.  There are also plenty of theme parks, and the like.  However, our trip to Benidorm was to Sierra Helada, one of the mountains nearby.  From here, you can see just how unusual the high rise buildings are in the area, with nothing more than a few stories around other than in Benidorm.


The beaches are also clearly visible from here.

Looking away from the town, you can see that the area around is somewhat quieter than the resort.

Even there, though, the town is expanding.


It’s a long way up to the top of the mountain, but I’ll let you in to a secret.  You can drive.  Or, at least, you can drive most of the way, although the last bit needs to be on foot.



When you get to the top of the mountain, there is a giant cross overlooking the beaches and town of Benidorm.

The cross was originally put in place in 1961 by local friars, and has been replaced over the years. The current cross was filled with tributes from people to friends and family, but those have been removed to give a relatively clear look, although no doubt more memorials will appear.

The view from Sierra Helada is superb, and it is a little odd to have the quietness and tranquility of being somewhere that feels quite remote if you look in one direction juxtaposed with the beat of music that you can often hear.

Given that this trip to Benidorm comes less than twelve months from my first visit to Mallorca, and to Magaluf, you might think that I have taken to a world of clubbing and partying, but rest assured, even on the Magaluf trip, I found as many places to relax as to party.


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