Dillo Jean, the dancing Armadillo

Dillo Jean: The Armadillo who dances to Michael Jackson

Another amusing animal video for you. This time, it’s an armadillo, gathering some leaves, which in itself would be a little amusing. However, play some music that is in time with the movements of the armadillo, and you have something much more funny. In this case, the sound track is Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, which gives the armadillo the moniker of Dillo Jean, obviously enough. In the video, you can see Dillo Jean doing the closest thing to a Michael Jackson dance that you are likely to see any armadillo do today.

Given that the video has over a million hits so far, then you may have already seen it, and Dillo Jean may be on his way to reaching the level of fame of his dance hero, Michael Jackson.

Of course, some people may prefer a surprising alternative to armadillos. For those in the UK, you may remember this advert from the mid 1990s…