St George at Kenilworth Castle

St George’s Day at Kenilworth Castle

This week say St George’s Day, the 23rd April, the patron saint of – among other places – England, and from where the English flag originates. Several English Heritage sites were hosting events to celebrate this weekend, and we headed off the the event for St George’s Day at Kenilworth Castle. The castle is impressive and worth a visit any way – have a look here – and on this occasion there was plenty to entertain and educate adults and children alike.

When we arrived, the castle complex was busy, and St George was on centre stage telling the stories and legends about the man.

However, the day was not all about St. George, and he was soon followed by a demonstration of fourteenth century arms and armour, complete with a couple of scuffles to show the weapons in action.

More action at Kenilworth…

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The show was educational as well as fun, and as you can imagine, most of the children watching were fascinated. At the end of the display, the participants invited the children onto the field of combat to join in, many complete with wooden swords and shields that they had either brought with them, or bought from the shops at the event. Next up, George and the dragon turned up so that the children could go to say hello and meet the hero and villain of the day. The dragon did an excellent job of being in character whilst not scaring the younger children too much!! As well as combat, there were medieval musicians entertaining the crowds, and showing how impressive a couple of centuries old instruments – at least in their design – can be in making enough noise for everyone to hear.

Amazing how loud two people can be with a couple of instruments. Fantastic.

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There were plenty of other displays an events going on through the day, with sports including jousting for children, various medieval games, and shops set up in tents for those watching to take home souvenirs. The archery display was impressive.

Plenty going on here to celebrate St. George.

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The archers here are pretty impressive…

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Throughout the event, there was a tented village where the various participants were based, and children – and adults – could meet them, and talk to them about their various activities, including trying on armour and seeing how heavy some of the weapons were.

Then, George told the story of him fighting the dragon, with another actor playing the role of the king, but the other parts being made up of some of the younger members of the audience who had come along to watch.

The story played out, with the inevitable fight between George and the Dragon.

The fight led to the equally inevitable outcome, with George slaying the dragon.

In a nice touch, after the fight, George and the Dragon shook hands, and there were no hard feelings…

There was superb entertainment through the day, and plenty of people there to help out or answer questions should you have them. Of course, there was also the castle itself to enjoy as well, and this made a great back drop for the day.

A great day, and we will definitely be back, both to Kenilworth Castle again, and to English Heritage events like this. Here are a few more photos.