Lego superheroes and Heather Scarecrow Festival

The 2017 Heather Scarecrow Festival

The 2017 Heather Scarecrow Festival has been ongoing in the Leicestershire village, and as normal, the residents have produced some fantastic scarecrows to entertain those who come to visit each summer.  I’ve added some photos before of the 2014, 2015 and 2016 events, so here are some of this year’s entries.


There always seem to be some topics that are popular with multiple scarecrows on similar themes, and this year superheroes and in particular Lego superheroes are definitely en vogue, with a series of entries on the theme.


Lego Bat Crow

The Caped Crowsader

Smizkids: Lego superheros

The Caped Crowsader


Harley Quinn

Lego Batcrow


Of course, children’s themes are always popular and the festival and Ben & Holly, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Paddington Bear, Gangsta Granny and Mr Potato Head all made an appearance.

Ben And Holly

Nifty Niffler

Please Look After This Bear!

Gangsta Granny,

Mr Crow-Tato Head

I liked the originality of No Show Scarecrow where those watching were invited to take the place of the scarecrow. My son duly took part and was briefly a scarecrow…

No Show Scarecrow

No Show Scarecrow

I can’t imagine how much work went into Chuffing Crow, and I suspect the family who built it might already be working on their 2018 entry given how elaborate this and some of their previous entries have been.

Chuffing Crow

Chuffing Crow

Scared Crows had an innovative way of trying to scare away those pesky crows.

Scared Crows

There was an unusual take on the currently popular Game of Thrones…

Game of Thrones

A few of the scarecrows had an ability to interact with you, be it through a musical show, an infrared sensor, or a button being pressed. The Faircrow exhibit was wonderful.


Equally so was the Dalek and Son…

Dalek and Son

Heather Hallcrowed Ground lit up and laughed when you touched it.

Heather Hallcrowed Ground

I also liked the appearance of the Blackeyed Peas…

The Blackeyed Peas

There are usually some very poignant entries, and this year the Remembrance Crow made me and plenty of others top to think.

Remembrance Crow

Remembrance Crow

It is a competition and those who buy a programme get a voting slip, and the results are as follows:

1. Remembrance Crow
2. Re-cycle Made For two
3. Gangsta Granny
4. The Flintstones
5. Dalek and Son
6. Anacrownda
7. Mr Crow-tato Head
8= Peter Rabbit and Friends
8= Chuffing Crow
10. Game of Thrones
11. Faircrow
12. Scare-crochet
13. Little Mermaid Scarecrow
14. Scared Crows
15. The Blackeyed Peas

Here are some photos of the scarecrows: