A trip to Gleno Waterfall

I was in Northern Ireland recently visiting friends & family, and I took a trip to Gleno Waterfall.  The National Trust property is one that I visit relatively regularly when I’m in the area, not just because it is a rather pretty view, but also because it is very near where I grew up, and I have friends who live so close to it that the waterfall appears to be in their back garden.

The waterfall is in the village of Gleno – sometimes spelt Glenoe – near Larne, and surrounded by trees and ferns, with a pretty little church at the top of the hill that forms the waterfall.  There is a car park beside the waterfall that makes it easy to access, with paths running around the waterfall itself. The village was a centre of weaving through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and these days is in the Belfast commuter belt.

One of my memories from my teenage years was the then current Saturday morning children’s television programme came to Gleno and broadcast an episode from the car park at the waterfall.  I have no idea why this rather scenic background was selected, but I do remember watching footage of The Farm playing where I would normally park my car.


I suspect that there will not be any other children’s television programmes filmed there, but if you are in the area, it’s certainly worth a look.  Here it is:


Gleno Waterfall was looking good this weekend.

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