The Star Wars airport

The Star Wars Airport

Some has managed to bring together civil aviation and Star Wars by creating a video showing what a Star Wars airport might look like – or perhaps a Star Port rather than an airport – with a great mix from scenes including Frankfurt mixed with footage from some of the Star Wars films.  It appeals to my inner geek, both the part of me that loved Star Wars as a child, and the bit of me that really enjoys aircraft and aviation.  Here it is:


As you can probably tell, the Star Wars airport mixes some of the scenes from Frankfurt airport with images from the Star Wars films.  If you watch the footage a few times, you start to spot a few things going on in the background that you missed the first time.


This dates back to July 2014, and when I was flying in and out of Frankfurt that month to attend the German Grand Prix, I didn’t spot too many imperial craft moving about.  Perhaps I wasn’t paying enough attention….  Next time I’m there, I’ll check that it really is a bus that takes me to the terminal, and I will double check what sort of aircraft I’m flying on…