A rather cool vehicle...

A rather cool vehicle….

I had just taken junction 11 from the M42 earlier this week when I passed this rather cool vehicle on the road into the village of Measham in Leicestershire. I’ve passed this a few times in the area recently, but this time got quite a good view on my dashcam. I’ve no idea what sort of vehicle it is, and I’m not sure that I would want to be driving it at the moment in the current light and weather, or for that matter, at most times on a busy road. I’ve passed it too in the hours of darkness, so it is out and about then too.

Have a look:

As I say, not sure what type of vehicle it might be, where it comes from or where it was off to, but it did seem a slightly quirky way to travel around the roads of Leicestershire. Although it was on the road leading to the motorway, I can only presume that it stuck to the less busy roads….