Room On The Broom Scarecrow

The 2015 Heather Scarecrow Festival

Today sees the end of the 2015 Heather Scarecrow Festival, so I went along yesterday to look at this year’s collection of displays. For those not familiar with the event, the villagers of Heather in North West Leicestershire fill their gardens with homemade scarecrows, whilst visitors can go on a hunt for them around the village and vote for their favourites. It really is excellent. I wrote about the 2014 event, and wanted to go to see this year’s Scarecrows.


As normal, there were plenty of scarecrows inspired by popular recent films and events, with several Paddington Bears, a Fifty Shades of Hay and a couple of Doctor Who related displays. ¬†However, one of my favourites was related to the reappearance of the classic children’s programme, The Clangers, with the characters enjoying a game of cricket, in keeping with the current Ashes series. ¬†The scarecrow was, of course, called Dropped A Clanger.

Dropped A Clanger

Dropped A Clanger

Of the Doctor Who entries, there was a Dalek who did not just look scary , it sounded scary too, with a motion detector.

A Dalek scarecrow, with some sound…

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The latest royal arrival inspired the rather grand entry named The Nanny.

The Nanny

Xander was very pleased to see the witch and the cat from Room On The Broom make an appearance.

Room On The Broom

Fans of Game of Thrones will probably like Winter Is Coming Jon Crow.

Winter Is Coming Jon Crow

At least one entry focused on the “scare” part of the name.


Darth Vader was among the Star Wars characters who made an appearance in one garden.

Crow Wars

There were also the judges from Strictly Come Dancing who were showing their scores for the event.

Strictly Crow Dancing

I also quite liked the jolly looking Daisy The Cow.

Daisy the Old Cow

I was particularly impressed with Will Sort It Crow, with some scarecrow engineers working on a spitfire.

Will Sort It Crow

Will Sort It Crow

A tour around the village also showed why there is so much hay available to provide the fine collection of scarecrows around Heather.

Hay in the village of Heather

The results of the votes are now in, and the winners were:

1. Room On The Broom
2. Will Sort It Crow
3. Dalek Exterminator Crow
4. The Nanny
5. Mobile Crow
6. Dropped A Clanger
7. Olaf ‘In Summer’
8. Reds Lads Turn Out Bad?
9. Strictly Crow Dancing
10. Crow Money Supermarket
11. Daisy The Old Crow
12. Topsy Turvey
13. Hey You Crows?
14. Elsa Scarecrow
15. Scooby Doo.

I was pleased to see some of my favourites do well.

Here are the various scarecrows from around the village.