Dinosaurs at Drayton Manor


I recently visited Drayton Manor, the theme park near Tamworth that is primarily famous for the sort of scary rides and rollercoasters that are generally not the sort of events that are likely to attract me to such a place.  However, one of the interesting things about this particular park is that there are actually a series of other attractions there that do not cause the release of quite as much adrenaline as the more famous rides.  The key reason why I went to visit most recently was to pay a visit to Thomasland, a theme park within a theme park, dedicated to the tales of Thomas the Tank Engine and the other characters made famous by the Railway Series of initially the Reverend Wilbert Awdry, and later by his son, Christopher Awdry. My nephew is a big fan, and with a birthday on the horizon, a trip seemed a good idea.

There is also a zoo in Drayton Manor, and a park full of dinosaurs.  Before you get an image of a Staffordshire version of Jurassic Park, these dinosaurs are less mobile and active than those in the rather famous film, but are very much of interest to the younger visitors (and perhaps some of the older ones) to the park, with information boards telling visitors about each of the creatures and how they may have lived millions of years ago.  My nephew certainly enjoyed his trip through the Dinosaurs section, so I thought I would post some of the photos…