2014 Heather Scarecrow Festival

The 2014 Heather Scarecrow Festival

The village of Heather is a pleasant place in North West Leicestershire, and dates back to the Doomsday Book on 1086, when it was recorded as Hadre, or The Heathland. These days, you might know it for its pubs and live music – very good considering a population of just under 1000 – or at this time of year, for the Heather Scarecrow Festival. The residents of the village build scarecrows with various themes, and erect them in their gardens and around the village for visitors to come and admire. We went along today to see how the 2014 Heather Scarecrow Festival was doing, and found that there were more than 80 scarecrows to be seen, and if that was not enough to keep you entertained, there was a World War I exhibition in one of the pubs, including live music, and there had been a music festival the previous weekend.

With so many scarecrows to see, it would be easy to miss some, so the best thing to do is to park at the football pitch car park, and get a map and programme in the adjoining hall. The first scarecrow is to be seen there too, topically in memory of the First World War.

We soon found plenty more scarecrows, including some of my favourites, Scooby Doo Crow and Crowbot.

A scarecrow police officer looks down one of the roads into the village, and I’m sure that speeds will be reduced as drivers think there is a member of the local constabulary on patrol…

Children will no doubt warm to Peppa Pig and Shaun the Sheep who both make an appearance.

Shaun had a button to press that started some music, as did the impressive Crow What A Lovely War, where a button started a series of songs and routines about war.

A scarecrow called Ratburger didn’t sound that appealing as he ran a fast food stand, and Sherlock Crowmes was nearby, just in case.

There were famous faces, in the form of Peter Rabbit and Pirates of the Crowibbean among others.

There was a horse for Richard of York – it’s not far from Bosworth – just a few years too late…

The war theme continued with a modern looking Paracrow just a few yards from the Land Girls.

Another children’s favourite was nearby, in the form of Despicable Crow, complete with Minions. Look closely at the window behind, plenty of effort has gone into this one.

We were right up to date too with Conchita Wurst, as part of the Eur-Crow Vision display.

It was all too much for some scarecrows, who seemed to have overindulged already.

Some looked as though they were in an even worse state…

Fans of the television programmes Googlebox and Benidorm had something to look forward to.

Mr Tickle and Mary Poppins – or at least, Scary Mary Poppins – were also in attendance.

Considering that Heather is not far from Coton In The Elms, the place furthest from the sea in Great Britain, it was a little surprising to see someone ready for a day at the seaside.

The Crow Harvest made much more sense.

I thought that it would be a weekend away from motor sport for me, given how much time I have spent at racing circuits recently, but it was not to be…

I thought that the village would be short of crows, but I was pleased to see that they had somewhere to hang out. It was, of course, in the Crow Bar, where they could have a pint of Starling, or other bird punned drinks.

My son Xander’s favourite display was definitely Scarecrow Zoo, which included a giraffe, one of Xander’s favourite animals.

Shortly after the festival finished on 3rd August, the winning scarecrow list was published. As suspected, Despicable Crow finished on top.

We will be making a return journey in 2015, in the meantime, here are some more photos.