Key Jokes

key change at the end

The theme for this week’s puns and one liners is key jokes, but as normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality… Hopefully they will open a few doors to humour for you.       My laptop is missing a key. I lost ctrl.   I’m writing a song about getting my […]

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Hospital Jokes


This week’s puns and one liners all have a medical theme, so here are some hospital jokes.  As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…       Who’s the coolest person in the hospital? The Ultra Sound guy. Who stands in for him when he’s on leave? The Hip Replacement Guy. […]

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BTCC Snetterton Rounds 2018

Matt Neal at Snetterton in BTCC 2018

The summer break has ended for the British Touring Car Championship as the drivers and teams made their way to Norfolk last weekend for the BTCC Snetterton Rounds 2018 after a few weeks off since the last round at Croft. Their “holiday” – which included a tyre test – saw warm and fine weather across […]

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CIO Jokes


Regular readers will be aware that I am always keen to take suggestions for topics for pages of puns, so based on such a request, here are some CIO jokes. Just in case any of you are not familiar with the jargon, CIO means Chief Information Officer, or the person leading the technology division of […]

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Ballet Jokes

charity football match

This week’s collection of puns and one liners takes the theme of Ballet Jokes. As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…       A friend of mine has just graduated from ballet school with a 2:2.   Why do baby swans like Swan Lake? It’s their cygnet-ure tune.   A […]

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Tag is not Touch And Go

tag posh acronym

There is a story doing the rounds on social media that the game “tag” derives from “touch and go”. It doesn’t. That is, at best, a backronym. The word “tick” dates back to the mid 15th century as a word to mean “to tap lightly”, and similarly the Middle English word “tek”. By 1721, the […]

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Half Jokes

pair of Caesars

You might say that many of my puns are at best half jokes, but these half jokes are all puns where the world half makes an appearance. A few might be a bit tenuous, but nothing new there. As always, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality… If you like halves, you might […]

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Pigeon Jokes

wealthy pigeons

Pigeons are ubiquitous in the UK, and across much of the world, so a good topic for a page of puns.  Here are some pigeon jokes.  And if you like pigeons, this story might interest you about Paddy the Pigeon, a decorated war hero. Of course, these jokes come with no guarantee of hilarity or […]

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