A pit stop during the GT Sprint

GT Sprint International Series at Donington Park

I mentioned recently about visiting the Superstars World event at Donington Park recently, and that the support events which included the Auto GP series.  It also included the GT Sprint International series,  which features various GTS cars racing.  One of the great things about events like this is the good access that spectators have to the racing and also to the pits and paddock.  I watched the Team Ferrari Ukraine – who had a very good weekend at Donington – carry out a pit stop through the pit garage, which was impressively quick given that the series restricts the number of mechanics working on the car to only two.



The racing itself was interesting to watch, with the races this year being extended from 30 minute sessions to a full one hour, with these fast and powerful cars circulating around the track.  I was impressed to see cars of this calibre on the same bill as the Superstars World and the Auto GP series, given that each of them is a relatively high profile and exciting event in its own right.


As you probably guessed, I did take some other photos of during the weekend of the GT Sprint International  series, which you can see below, including those of the pit stop with the Team Ferrari Ukraine.  I hope that you like them.